Upcoming Events

Note: Most of my programs are provided free of charge to organizations. To help provide these programs free or at low cost, please consider helping me purchase supplies through Amazon. Thanks! 

June 15th-July 14thArden Firefly Watch! Join us for one month to make observations on fireflies in our neighborhood. All participants will receive a free sticker.

July 16th– SERC Earth Optimism Webinar: Allies in Amphibian Conservation: Leveraging Partners for Success; 7:00 pm on Zoom. Register here. From frogs to salamanders, amphibians are secretive but essential to our health and the function our ecosystems. But despite their critical role, amphibians are facing a crisis: Over 40% are threatened with extinction. How can we reduce that loss? Dive into the fascinating world of amphibian biodiversity of the eastern United States, a global amphibian hotspot. Learn about the alarming threats amphibians face, from habitat loss to climate change and disease, as well as rays of hope. Kerry will cover the inspiring efforts of Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) and their dedicated partner network working at local, regional, and national levels to combat these threats and ensure a future for our amphibians.

September 12, 2024– Beneficial Bats Talk & Walk. 7:00-8:30 pm. On-site at Nature Forward.

October 3rd, 2024– Itsy Bitsy Spider. 6:30 pm. Spiders are amazing predators with a bad rap. Learn about unique spiders around the world and their local cousins as well as information on why we should all love spiders! From spiders that “sing” and dance to those that rob others: the
world of spiders is rich in natural interactions
. On Zoom through Adkins Arboretum.

October 29th, 2024– Beneficial Bats Webinar; Free! On Zoom through the Odenton Library

January 25th, 2025– Winter Botany Workshop; Adkins Arboretum

March 5th, 2025– Croaks, Peeps, and Color: Exploring the World of Amphibian Communication; Free! On Zoom through the Southern Maryland Audubon Society.